cast acrylic art furniture

PHILIP DOW has been creating cast acrylic sculpture for over three decades, exploring the transitions between translucence and transparency by employing cast texture and highly polished surfaces.

LIGHT TRAP tables are a composition of a cast acrylic top and steel powder-coated base. The acrylic is made from the finest optical polymers available. Using molds developed for durability, each table is cast and finished with consistent dimensions. However, because the medium that produces the texture is applied to the molds prior to use, each casting has a unique texture.
round coffee table detail

The rough castings are machined to produce a flat top. The sides are machined square to the top surface.  Hand application of diamond abrasives and optical polishing compounds achieves the lustrous finish on the top and sides, revealing the texture of the bottom surface.  A final annealing ensures that the cast acrylic is stress free.

Once the acrylic tops are finished, the steel bases are assembled and fitted to each casting to guarantee proper alignment.  

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